Today, India has a booming startup ecosystem and ranks third in the number of unicorns. Thanks to slew of measures by the government to promote investments, ease of doing business, and innovation, today technological advancements have penetrated and made an impact on practically every aspect of the dairy and livestock value chain in India. The livestock and dairying sector in India has grown at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 8% from 2014 to 2022 and continues to provide sustenance to approximately 200 million Indians.

Presently, there are more than 700 DPIIT registered startups in the animal husbandry and dairying vertical. This goes to show that the scope for deploying technology and monetizing interventions within the livestock and allied sectors has been increasing. DAHD along with Startup India has organised two editions of the Animal Husbandry Grand Startup Challenge so far. The first edition of the Startup challenge took place in 2019, and the second edition took place in 2021, and focused on identifying solutions to issues such as product traceability, milk testing solutions, single use plastic alternatives, breed improvement, pregnancy diagnosis kits for dairy animals, low-cost cooling solutions for dairy, etc.

To showcase the growing potential of startups in Animal Husbandry and Dairying this year’s Animal Husbandry Startup Conclave will be organised in Hyderabad on 28th February (2023) by DAHD in collaboration with NDDB. Approximately 100 startups will participate in the event. The event will present an opportunity for animal husbandry startups to participate in the following sessions:

Proposed Activities For The Conclave

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Showcase Opportunity

The conclave will witness an audience of varied backgrounds including the public sector, private sector, farmers, general public, cooperatives etc. The conclave will be a great opportunity for the startups in the Animal husbandry and dairying sector to showcase their products and services in form of dedicated booths. Startups will be divided in the following 4 categories for the showcase
  • Early-stage startups
  • Startups at the commercialization stage
  • Farmer centric startups
  • Consumer centric startups

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Pitching Sessions

showcase, a series of pitching sessions may be organized for the startups. Startups may pitch to the following groups
  • Investors/ venture capitalists in the Animal Husbandry/Dairy/Agriculture space
  • Dairy cooperatives and related associations
Startups from the showcase may be selected for the pitching sessions. Startup India will work with the startups to finalize their presentations and final pitch to the investors. A total of 15 minutes will be given to each startup (8 minutes presentation + 7 minutes Q&A)

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Workshop for startups

A series of panel discussions and presentations may be organized to engage the audience. Following sessions may be undertaken -
  • Startup India Overview: Eligibility Criteria and Benefits
  • GeM on-boarding: Step-by-step Process
  • DAHD Support to Startups: Relevant Schemes and Initiatives

Selection Of Startups

Startups for the showcase and pitching will be selected from the pool of startups that have applied for the previous two Grand Challenges conducted in association with Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying. The startups will be divided basis the following 4 categories.

Early-stage startups

Startups at the commercialization stage

Farmer centric startups

Consumer centric startups


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